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03:14 pm DS_DMA Revision 44: bugfix for m_pci pointers.


12:56 pm DS_DMA Revision 43: Correction on PCI Express capabilities output.


10:57 am DS_DMA Revision 36: Remove unused Device IDs
10:56 am DS_DMA Revision 35: Add unistd.h for close() syscall.
10:31 am DS_DMA Revision 34: Remove __devinit and __devexit prefixes.
10:30 am DS_DMA Revision 33: Correctly search PCI Express Capability Register Set.
12:22 am DS_DMA about: RE: Understanding adm_test program
Hello Renato.
CAP_ID = 0x5
Can't find PCI Express capabilities
I remake some function to avoid this error...


07:35 pm DS_DMA about: RE: Understanding adm_test program
Hi Renato!
I suppose that no problem if capabilities is absent (But don't shure :)). If m_TotalIRQ is incremented ...
07:01 pm DS_DMA Revision 23: Correct default settings value.
06:58 pm DS_DMA about: RE: Understanding adm_test program
Hi, Renato Sampaio!
Please, can you look at the file: /proc/AMB* or proc/ADP* (depend on your device ID) and look ...

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